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Under the direction of Laurence Stith, The Carteret Chorale has been performing for more than 40 years and has participated in the Beaufort Historical Association’s annual Old Homes Tour for nearly 30 years.


Recorded live at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Beaufort, NC, this memorable performance was presented by the Beaufort Historical Association, on June 26, 2014.  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was built in 1857 and is among the many historic sites in the town of Beaufort, NC.


Featuring songs and Broadway classics from George & Ira Gershwin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Irving Berlin, Laurence Stith and more, if you like choral music, this album is sure to please.


This is a Limited Release and will only be available until the authorized quantity has been sold.




The Star Spangled Banner (Key)
Pie Yesu (Webber)
I Got The Sun In The Morning (Berlin)               
Over The Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg)                  
Cry Me A River (Hamilton)                     
Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin)             
Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin)                        
Someone’s Fancy (Stith-Everitt)
Beautiful Beaufort (Stith)
Summertime (Heywood-Gershwin)        
If Ever I Would Leave You (Lerner-Lowe)      
They Can’t Take That Away (Gershwin)      
Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat (Loesser)
Hallelujah (Youmans)               
Call Me Irresponsible (Cahn-Van Heusen)     
Search Your Heart (Leigh)
Let There Be Peace On Earth (Miller-Jackson)


The Carteret Chorale

A Choral Potpouree

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